There are various ways we can look more stylish with our favorite denim jeans. Do you think you are styling your jeans better? I’ll let you try something new! There are different ways to style all kinds of denim jeans. Simple tricks like matching it with trendy tops or with other accessories. We have ways to look nicer and look chicer.

Jeans: Defined

Jeans are made from denim or cotton fabric and hard-wearing pants. Jean fabric can be completely cotton as well, or more like denim. Casual jeans became popular by James Dean and Marlon Brando in their 1950s films. The fabric symbolizes rebellion among teens, especially the members of the greaser subculture.

The trend of jeans has risen as time passes by. In the fashion industry, we now have thousands of brands of jeans all over the world. They also make different styles and designs of jeans (know more about this from blogs like Shia NJ and similar others) for both women and men.

Different Kinds of Women Denim Jeans

  1. Fit Jeans

These are the basic jeans that are fit for our legs. The fabric is stretchable to fit the size of our legs. Fit jeans can be high-waist and low-rise to the waist. It can be plain and clean and straight cut in the end and have different designs or ripped.

  1. Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are most high wasted and a straight cut on the end of the jeans. It fits on our waist but oversized on our legs. There are also low-rise baggy jeans that became the trend in 2000s fashion. These are the jeans that are currently on-trend. It is mostly used for street style fashion. It is comfy to wear and easy to match with any tops.

  1. Vintage Jeans

Vintage jeans are fit from the waist up to the knee and more comprehensive down to the end. Vintage jeans can be high-waisted and low-rise to the core. It is popular in the bohemian style of fashion. It can also use for formal attire.

How to Style Different Kinds of Denim Jeans

  1. Fit Jeans

Fit jeans are the most used jeans on all occasions. It can be used for casual to semi-formal attire. For a casual outfit, pair your fit jeans with an oversize shirt or crop top. You can pair it with your white or black chunky sandals.

For a semi-formal outfit, pair it with tank tops, halter tops, or tube. Pair it with a blazer that matches the color of your footwear. You can pair it with sandals with heels. Wearing accessories can also make your outfit look better. Wear the appropriate accessories depending on your fit.

  1. Baggy Jeans

Styling baggy jeans are a trend currently. It is easy to style and match with any clothes. It can be a street style fashion, a vintage look, or retro vibe fashion.

We can pair it with an oversized shirt and tuck it into the jeans for a casual outfit. Pair it with a belt and white sneakers. Wear a bucket hat and a custom tote bag from somewhere like Real Thread, and don’t forget to add some accessories too. If you’re going on a date, pair your baggy jeans with a tank top and white sandals. Pair it with hoop earrings and layered minimalist necklaces. Wear a small white baguette bag, and you’re all set.

It’s easy if you want to dress up like a street-style fashion. Pair your baggy jeans with a black fitted tank top or fitted crop top. For the footwear, wear a Nike Air Jordan 1. Wear also a black baguette bag with a chain strap. Pair it with a silver chain choker and rings.

3 Vintage Jeans

Vintage jeans are more like a retro vibe fashion. It is typical for casual outfits. To look retro style, pair your high-waisted vintage jeans with a fitted turtle neck. Tuck the turtle neck into your jeans and layered it with a sweater. Pair it with socks and converse shoes.


You can also style it with tank tops and polo as a blazer. Wear black boots and hoop earrings. If you have retro sunnies, you can also put them on outside if it is sunny. Denim Jeans are very common and popular clothing to us. It has different types and designs, which include, but are not limited to: fit jeans, baggy jeans, and vintage jeans.

It is easy to pair them in casual to semi-formal outfits. There are a lot of ways to pair them with a top and footwear. Pairing accessories and bags are also essential. Fashion is the way we express our feelings. We can style our jeans in any way. It’s a pleasure to know if you learn something from us!