Baking is something that I have always been passionate about, since the first time I picked up a spatula and made a victoria sponge cake with my grandma. She taught me everything I know and eventually I went to a culinary school to learn how to become the best baker that I can be, having a speciality in bread. My name is Emma McCroy and I am a bakery owner from the Republic of Ireland, and I can tell you there is nothing better than starting every morning with the smell of fresh bread. I have owned my bakery for 7 years and have a small team that have all become my second family, the family that bakes together stays together!

In the bakery, we have a catchphrase where we all say “fly in the loaf” every time we need more bread making or a customer has made a big order, it caught on, and I thought what would be better than naming my blog after something I hear almost every day at the bakery. This blog is going to have a few posts around food but it is mainly what I am going to use as my little escape from work and life in general. I am going to be talking about a variety of different topics that interest me, nothing is off the table! I have one of those minds that things on overdrive all the time so being able to put my ramblings into a blog post for anyone to enjoy seems like a good thing. I love writing whether it is a new recipe or a short story, so I think this is the perfect use for my interests and talents.

Other than my bakery and blog I have a great family, with my husband and three children. My weans are so cute and they make the day amazing no matter if it has been stressful or difficult, most evenings are spent playing games or watching a little movie before we read them to sleep. I hope that one day they read my blog and get something from them, almost like some motherly advice without having to directly ask me for it.

This blog is ultimately for fun and enjoyment, a way for me to use my writing skills after I have been roasting by the hot ovens all day. So if you are reading this then I hope that you enjoy what I have to say!

All the best,

Emma x