Your dog is your best friend, so you want the best toys to keep him entertained. Especially after a hard day on their own while you have been working, your dog will be so excited to see what is sure to become his new favourite toy (or two or three) when you come home.

Dogs get bored a lot and, while there’s always the option of taking them for a walk, there are plenty of other fun ways to exercise your dog. One such method is by playing with toys—and there are plenty of fun toys that will keep your dog entertained and burn those calories. From fetch to chasing a tennis ball, here are just a few of the toys that are out there to choose from.

The Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler toy is a firm rubber toy that holds its shape when your dog bites down on it. The pear-shaped ball and has can stand on the floor for your dog to push around with their nose or paws. The result is a satisfying (and hilarious) chewing experience.

The Kong Wubba

The Wubba is another rubber toy that keeps dogs entertained and occupied. These toys have a knot at the top that dogs can hold onto, allowing the dog to bounce it about, as well as strong strips that can withstand some serious tugging! The Wubbas come in various colors, so there’s sure to be an option to match your dog.

Nylabone Puppy Teething Chew Toys

Your dog’s teeth never stop growing, so the chew toys for dogs you choose should be long-lasting. For puppies, Nylabone’s puppy teething chew toys come in delicious flavors so that you can keep your dog’s oral health in check, while also providing them with something to chew that’s gentle on their teeth and gums.

Kong Gyro Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

The Kong Gyro Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy is great for dogs that need lots of entertainment and stimulation, and it’s fun for owners too! This toy moves and spins every time your dog touches it, and it’s guaranteed to capture your dog’s heart. Plus, if you put treats in it, these will be dispensed every so often, making playtime even more rewarding for your dog.

Multipet Chilly Bones for Teething

These small bone-shaped chew toys are perfect for older dogs, and Multipet’s Chilly Bones line offers several different sizes for dogs of all sizes. They’re safe for dogs to chew on with their teeth, and they’re great for their gums—if dogs don’t have something to chew on, they tend to develop painful, inflamed gums.

Kong Wild Knots

Kong Wild Knots toys are tough as nails, and they feature built-in squeakers that are sure to delight and entertain your dog—and they score big with vets, too! These toys are made for dogs of all ages, but if you’re looking for a chew toy that’s a little more challenging for your older pup, Kong Wild Knots has you covered. The internal knotted rope means more chew and tug, so Kong Wild Knots toys can help you and your dog build stronger relationships and stronger teeth.

Chuckit! Air Fetch 2 Ball Set

Chuckit! Breathe Right Fetch 2 Ball Set has everything you need to make your dog happy. This ball set includes two balls designed to give your dog as much breathing capacity as possible while running and fetching in a soft rubber material that floats in water. The rubber ball also makes it harder for your dog to swallow, so it’s safer for your pup.

Go Dog Dragon toy

Looking for the perfect toy for your furry friend that they can play with and snuggle? Your dog will love Go Dog’s Dragon! This toy is made of durable, rip-resistant material, which can keep your dog entertained for hours. Its elastic material is also easy on your dog’s mouth. The toy has ridges and spikes that will make it fun for your dog to retrieve. The Go Dog Dragon can be purchased in pink, green, orange, and yellow, so you can pick the one that best suits your dog’s personality.

When it comes to getting your dog a gift, most of the choices out there can be pretty boring. When all else fails, why not just give him a toy? Sure, he’ll probably destroy it in a couple of days, but that’s half the fun, right? Dogs need toys – it’s in their nature – and the right toys can help keep them entertained, occupied, and even help them stay happy and healthy.