When was the last time you went to a night out? Planning a night out with no idea what to wear is a real headache.

A special night with friends or better half is one of the exciting events, but we may still feel anxious about how it will go. For sure, we want to plan everything perfectly, including our outfits, to have a memorable time.

One of the things that we can directly control is how we dress for that night out. Everything depends on what we are doing or where we are going. However, always wear something comfortable. Before leaving our homes, we should not forget the finishing touches!

Below are some easy tips to help you wear the most appropriate clothes and accessories for a night out:

Tip #1: Go for Comfortable Clothes that Suit Your Personality

You can look classy or stylish by wearing clothes that match your personality while making you comfortable. You can pair a long, silky dress with high heels or grab your metallic pants out of the closet and pair them with matching accessories and colored shoes.

Besides looking for the perfect outfits that speak to you, you also need to focus on those that can make you comfortable while staying stylish.

Tip #2: Consider Balance Between Nonchalant and Smart

Are you having a date night with your girlfriend or wife? Then, ensure to observe a delicate balance between nonchalant and smart. While you should look like you have made an effort with your look, your style still should not appear as if you are trying hard.

Your goal should be somewhere in the middle by employing an overshirt or unstructured blazer as your top layer. Then, you can go for a shirt underneath. If you want a cool look, you can opt for a knitted polo or roll neck. Do not forget black shoes or a pair of boots.

Tip #3: Add 2 to Functional and Fashionable Layers

During spring or fall, layering some fashionable and functional pieces for a night out is practical. Ensure to pick layers that complement each other, including sweaters, jackets, vests, and scarves. Do not go for anything that feels and looks heavy or bulky.

For men, a sweater over a collared shirt is a head-turner. You can also try wearing a leather jacket over a t-shirt.

For women, you can wear a cardigan over a dress. Then, wrap a thin, matching scarf around your neck. If that is not your style, you can opt for a tank top and get your drape kimono as your top layer. Do not forget the layered necklaces.

Tip #4: Choose A Footwear Depending on Your Activities

Boots, flats, and sneakers are suitable for men and women. However, ensure to choose the one that matches what you will be doing. If you planned a dinner, low-rise leather boots are perfect for men, or ballet flats work well for women to achieve a casual yet chic look.

Sneakers and trainers are on-trend right now; remember that some places have dress codes, and any of them are footwear is not allowed. Do not also wear flip-flops, slippers, and shoes that are scuffed or worn.

Tip #5: Keep Accessories Understated

Sticking to a neutral color scarf, a simple watch, or a pair of chunky frames will help to achieve a stunning look for a night out. Women can choose from a stack of plain bangles, dainty necklaces, small stud earrings, or different types of bracelets that you can get from somewhere like Rastaclat (https://rastaclat.com/collections/friendship-bracelets). This can really help to improve your overall look.

You can wear a chunky ring and a patterned scarf, or a beaded necklace and a leather watch. For men, wearing a baseball cap is too casual, but a tie may be too formal.

Tip #6: Go for Tailored Clothing that Fits the Body Perfectly

For women, skirts and dresses tend to be more formal. Instead, wear a pencil-cut skirt or shift dress that hits lower or mid-thigh. If you are attending a fancy dinner or a theater performance, avoid showing too much skin. If you want to wear pants, go for dress slacks that are hemmed to the right length and flattering.

For men, tuck your collared dress shirt into a pair of slim-fit or straight-leg slacks. Do not forget to add a matching tie if the occasion calls for it.


As the night out gets closer, ensure that you are done picking the right outfit. With the above tips, there is no way for you not to create an eye-catching look. Do not forget to smile and be confident.