We have different body structures. Each body has its exceptional shape and size. So, it is vital to appreciate our body’s exact figure and shape to find an appropriately fashioned outfit. This does not enable you to look your best but a good way to look slimmer and younger.

Column Body

Women with a column body usually have a slim and balanced body. If they have an excellent height, then usually a full draping gown will enhance their tall figure. However, if the height is not that great, then a shorter dress or outfit will accentuate this body style.

Brick Shape

Women with this body figure usually have broader shoulders, heavy things, and an average waist. A round neck would provide a more feminine look; also, dark shades like maroons and gray will provide them a slimmer look. Avoid wearing coats and jackets as that would give an additional big appearance.

Cello Body Shape

This shape typically has a weighty bust, huge bottoms and hips, and a comparatively smaller waist. The best ideal outfits for women with cello body shapes are wearing shirts and medium-length dresses with wide V-necklines, dark colors, and trousers. Minis, short skirts, and tight-fitting jeans must always be prevented because of the big or large hips.

Lollipop Shape

Women with this body shape have an average-shaped body, however, with a comparatively big bus size. A dark-colored halter neck in the type of a long or short dress would go well with them. Also, wearing short skirts and bikinis while showing off their beautiful legs would be a remarkable way to look good.

Apple Body Shape

This refers to women with a flabby stomach, with an average-sized bust as well as waist. It is highly recommended to wear high quality, fit innerwear and a big neck like for most of your dresses or outfits. You must keep away from wearing super tight or fitted t-shirts.

Pear Body Shaped

Women with this body shape have a lesser bust, extended waistline as well as weighty legs. These women must wear outfits that revealed their shoulders in the type of halter necks, singlet tops, strapless dresses, etc. You need to keep away from wearing tight jeans.

Vase Body Shaped

This body shade normally appears with a big bust and well-rounded waist. The bust and hips appear to look equal. Women with this body shaped should show their beautifully long legs by wearing pencil skirts, tight jeans, and well-fitted trousers. Avoid wearing tops and dresses with frills or polo necks.

Additional Tips to Follow

Some tips for purchasing the best garments when dressing for your body type are to accentuate the best and conceal the worst. One good example of this is that if you have a wide shoulder, you need to avoid wearing blouses with shoulder pads. Some blouses do let you eliminate the pads, and the blouse will still hang properly. But, if the pads cannot be eliminated, then this is not a good idea.

Another vital thing to consider when you are dressing according to your body type is the length of your legs. If your legs are short, then make sure to consider this when buying pants. You do not want to buy pants that flare out at the base. Pants with flairs at the base will make your look shorter. If you have long legs, then keep away from buying pants that tapper in at your ankles. These types of pants will make your legs look longer. If you have lots of weights around the midsection, you need to keep away from tight and short shirts. These shirts will reveal the extra weight in the middle part.

By dressing according to your body type, you’ll end up looking classy and gorgeous. It is not always about spending more cash on your dresses to look good. It is all about spending the money which you do give out in a wise way and ensuring that you purchase flattering clothing. If you pay attention to the rules, you’ll have an easier time buying, which will lead you to be happier with the clothing in your wardrobe.