If you are looking at starting a business, then you will need to factor insurance into your business plan. If you are involved with cars in any way, then you will want that insurance to be a motor traders’ policy. With that in mind, we will consider five types of businesses that will benefit from a motor trader insurance policy. The kind that can be quoted on when you visit www.onesureinsurance.co.uk/motor-trader-insurance.


Car Sales

Anyone selling cars for a living will require a motor trader insurance policy to cover them in the event of cars being damaged while selling them. This includes being driven on the road from work premises to the customer’s home and being moved around on the forecourt area before the sale. Moving the cars around will keep the area looking fresh to customers who visit regularly looking for their perfect car to buy.

Car dealers can often be dealing with high-value vehicles and that would be a lot to lose should a car be stolen or damaged by vandals during business or overnight. It is important to check policies to see if these high-performance vehicles are included in the cover. It might depend on just how valuable they are.


Car Valet

A car valet will touch every inch of another person’s car to give it a full clean and so will want to be protected should their actions result in damage to a customer’s vehicle. The idea of cleaning a car is to improve the look of it but accidents do happen.


Car Mechanic

Car mechanics, apart from working on someone’s vehicle to repair or service it, will also pick up and deliver cars between customers as part of the service. It is peace of mind to know that a car is always covered when in the possession of the business owner or one of their employed mechanics.

The motor trader insurance policy will, of course, also cover those who repair the bodywork of cars as well as work on their mechanical or electrical side. Cars now rely heavily on their electronic circuits working and it has become the method now used to diagnose many faults with cars.


Breakdown Services

When cars break down, it will often be necessary for them to be recovered by a garage. This add-on service will need to be covered by insurance as well. It will mean the customer’s vehicle is in the custody of the garage from the moment it is collected from the roadside, then while it is being repaired, and then on that journey back to the customer if an employee or business owner is delivering it back.


Parking Services

Those parking customer vehicles on behalf of a hotel guest will require a policy to have been put in place by the hotel they work at, for example, which allows them to drive a vehicle that is not owned by them. The person parking the vehicle in this instance is known as a valet. It is a form of parking attendant that can also be on a more executive level when some of the cars involved will be luxury brands. Insurance can cover any damage that occurs while the vehicle is being moved from one spot to another. This will likely be from the front of the hotel to the back or into a garage. It would be an even more nerve-racking job without insurance as peace of mind.


We can then look to include motor trader insurance in any of the above circumstances when presenting our business idea to a bank. They will want to know that we have considered all the expenses before lending any money to us and funding our start-up.

To project ahead with a business is vital to determining whether the business will survive for long enough to ensure that the bank will get its money back. We should be realistic about our expenses, and we can achieve this by requesting a quotation from an insurer than offers motor trader insurance. Also, more than likely the same one that offers commercial premises and liability insurance. Employer’s liability insurance is required by law and public liability is protection against members of the public also being injured on work premises. Online is a good place to start.