Planning a French Escape

I’m shaking off the food blues with a road trip to France!

Not too long ago, I wrote about how easy it is to get bored with the food you’re eating and how I needed to travel more, in order to broaden my foodie boundaries.

Luckily for me, I had some time booked off work coming up and the perfect destination to travel to.

Many people consider France to be the birthplace of fine dining. It’s certainly true to say that many of the classic restaurant dishes on Modern British menus have their roots in the rich heritage of cooking that this country has become famous for, but I tend to avoid putting French food on such a high pedestal for the sole reason that it’s proven to be influential. Although I’m aware of the impact that legendary chefs such as Jacques Torres and Hubert Keller have had on the way that we eat today, I still struggle to see the soul in some of these ‘French classics‘ especially when they’re served on HUGE white plates in a humourless, modern fashion.

Yes – I understand to work and live in the food industry and not like French food is a bit wonky, but does it help my case if I admit that I’m aware of my condition? That is, after all, pretty much the entire reason why I’m going for a week to stay in a villa in France – I’m going to banish my prejudices of French food.

Credit: @forever39

Now, I’m well aware that France is a rather large place (in fact it’s nearly three-times larger than the UK), so the food that I’ll be eating will be indicative of the local cuisine, rather than the whole country. Still, I’m hoping that if I go with an open mind (and wallet) I’ll be able to return enlightened and free of all anti-Franc snobbishness.

I’ve always been a bit shit at going on holidays. I’m impatient, so I don’t like sunbathing. I like looking at old buildings, but I’ve got no real passion for architecture. For me, it’s all about the atmosphere and the company. I’ll be going with a group of friends who are always good value and I’m hoping that we’ve chosen the villa wisely – only time will tell.

As the resident foodie in the group, I’ve been tasked with finding the restaurants that we’re going to be eating at. Luckily for us, price isn’t an option, which is a good thing because I want nothing short of the best. Here are the places that I’m most excited about visiting:

La Bouillabaisse , Saint Tropez

Credit: @forever39

Hotel Restaurant Les Pins, Haguenau

Credit: @hotelrestaurantlespins

Bistro Du’O, Vaison La Romaine

Credit: @celia_mtl

La Verdoyante, Gassin

Credit: @milanasm

Le Petit Nice, Marseille

Credit: @pac_sam

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