Lip-Smackingly Ethical Restaurants

Say what you like about the food industry, but it knows how to latch onto a trend.

I remember a time when doing your recycling wasn’t the norm and grown men reluctantly sighed before sorting their glass from their tins. It’s taken a couple of decades but finally (in the UK at least) more folks are embracing sustainable lifestyles and, never one to miss an opportunity, the restaurant industry is learning to capitalise on this. Technology has taken several leaps forward in since those early days, which has allowed us to match smarter technological solutions to our growing needs, and now we’re seeing these effects in the commercial food market, which I’m happy to share here!

Whilst there are certainly thousands of restaurants throughout the UK which don’t apply stringent measures to how they source their food, top-tier eateries (and even large chain groups) are now starting to change their ways and embrace sustainable practices in order to attract a more environmentally conscious clientele.

These restaurants are just a handful of the UK’s top sustainable eats, try them out and see for yourself how good eating ethically can taste:



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The founders of Soho’s CLAW made a pledge to promote their favourite British ingredient, Crab, when they discovered that around 80% of our hauls are exported each year to the rest of Europe and Asia. CLAW’s owners deal directly with the fishermen themselves, ensuring that they receive the freshest produce every day from Salcombe, Hampshire and Colchester. Their Carnaby restaurant serves up a variety of clever twists on quick bites and fresh fish.

Feng Sushi


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High-quality, carefully sourced ingredients are at the heart of the three excellent sushi restaurants under the Feng Sushi banner. Winner of The Sustainable City Award in 2012, although they have recently downsized from 8 to 3 locations in London, Feng Sushi is still considered one of the best Japanese delivery services in the capital, offering a range of excellent sushi as well as classic dishes such as Katsy Curry and Soups.



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Crisp white linen and a classy vibe make this converted pub a real treat for foodies and their commitment to ethically sourcing their ingredients from British farms makes this a restaurant not toĀ  miss. The East Dulwich neighbourhood has always been a trendy one, even for London, but this one has cornered the market in providing quality British food in both their relaxed restaurant as well as their adjacent farm shop.

The Captain’s Galley


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This relatively unknown Scottish restaurant made headlines back in 2015 when it was crowned the UK’s most sustainable restaurant. Run by husband and wife, Mary and Jim Cowie, you’ll find typically hearty Scottish fare here which makes the most of its coastal location. The Captain’s Galley is regularly booked out each night it’s open as it’s built up a solid reputation for carefully preparing excellent seafood which has travelled just a few miles at most to reach the diner’s plate.



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Sustainability is at the heart of every process at ODE which has grown from a family micro business into one of the highest rated restaurants in the UK. The core values of this team are sourcing, environment and community. They’re consistently focused on improving engagement with their local community and ensuring that the food they serve is not only healthy and delicious, but also ethically sourced. ODE only buys ingredients from farmer that are committed to high environmental stewardship and rotate their menus to reflect seasonal changes.

Notable mention: Wahaca

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Although chain restaurants are often given short shrift for their authenticity, Mexican goliath Wahaca, set up by Masterchef 2005 Winner Thomasina Miers, has been applauded for sustainably sourcing the ingredients for their 25 locations. Much of their food is sourced from UK farms whilst they’re menu remains staunchly Mexican in flavour.

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